Welcome to Sharan James Stained Glass

Based in rural Somerset, Sharan James designs and makes decorative pieces of stained glass in copper foil and lead, using contemporary, vintage and antique glass.

After attending Stafford Art College, Sharan moved on to study Embroidered Textiles in Birmingham, after which she began teaching.  However it wasn’t until relocating to Somerset in 2004 that Sharan was able to nurture her love of glass, a material she has been fascinated by from an early age.

Sharan began exploring and developing her own style, initially on a small scale, up-cycling garden lanterns using copper foil and creating letters using lead.

As her work became more well known Sharan identified an opportunity to establish a business in the realm of stained glass by accepting commissions, selling at numerous events and through local galleries.

Stained glass comes to life with light – sunlight – the most intriguing light of all.  Stand anywhere on the coast of Cornwall and watch the sky, perch atop the Pompidou Centre in Paris and do the same, move on to possibly the clearest light of all at the summit of Everest.  Wherever, whenever, take a moment to look at the light, then look at the sky through coloured glass and marvel.